Join Masteriyo’s Affiliate Program & Earn Money

Ready to promote Masteriyo LMS? Spread the word about this amazing plugin and earn commissions on every sale you make!

Masteriyo Affiliate Program Benefits 

Get an opportunity to earn passive income while promoting a React JS-based modern LMS solution to your audience. Also, leverage the following benefits as an affiliate marketer. 

40% Commission Rate 

Refer Masteriyo and get an attractive commission on sale.   

Cookie Life 

Your referral is valid for up to 30 days. We ensure that you get credit for your share of the work. 

Secure Payment Method 

We make payments via PayPal. To receive your commissions, you need to have a valid PayPal account. 

Easy To Join 

It’s super-easy to join our affiliate program and it’s all free. Apply by filling in the form and we will get back to you soon. 

Trusted Name 

Built by a team of WordPress experts and trusted by thousands of satisfied users, we assure you that Masteriyo is a reliable and trustworthy product. 

Awesome Community 

Masteriyo is a product of ThemeGrill, a leading WordPress development company trusted by hundreds of thousands of people. Become a part of our community! 

Who is Masteriyo Affiliate Program For?

Have a strong online presence and a relevant audience? Then, join our affiliate program to start earning money. If you are one of these, you are a perfect fit!

Content Creators 

Masteriyo Affiliate Program is a valuable opportunity for content creators to earn additional income and provide value to their audience.   

Digital Entrepreneurs 

Grow your online business by enhancing your reputation and expanding your reach with Masteriyo’s affiliate programs. 

Web Developers 

Refer Masteriyo to your clients for any relevant projects and earn a commission on each conversion you make. 

Marketing Agencies   

Do you run a marketing agency? Share words about Masteriyo with your audience and earn compensation.    

Social Media Influencers 

Engage your social media followers and monetize your online presence by joining our affiliate program. Recommend our product and earn commission on sales. 

Online Institutions 

Empower your audience to create stunning eLearning websites with Masteriyo. Refer us to your network and earn a commission on every successful referral. 

How to Join Masteriyo Affiliate Program?  

Joining the Masteriyo Affiliate Program is an effortless process comprising only 3 simple steps. 

Step 1: Lemon Squeezy Account   

Start your journey by creating a Lemon Squeezy account, the platform managing Masteriyo’s affiliate program. 

Click Here to Register   

Upon completing the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email. Verify your email, and voila, your account is set.

If you’re an existing user, simply login to continue.

Step 2: Affiliate Profile   

Once logged into your Lemon Squeezy account, proceed to create an affiliate profile within Lemon Squeezy’s Affiliate Hub.

The profile should detail how you plan to promote affiliate products through your bio, websites, and social media links.  

After that, Lemon Squeezy will review your submission, taking a few days to either approve or disapprove your account. 

Step 3: Masteriyo’s Affiliate Program  

When your Affiliate Hub account has been approved, you’re eligible to apply to the Masteriyo Affiliate Program.  

Click the “Apply” button and await our team’s approval, which usually takes under 24 hours. 

Upon approval, you’ll get unique affiliate links to promote Masteriyo via your website, social media, or email newsletters. 

Start sharing and begin your journey towards passive income! 

Join our affiliate program to earn industry-leading commissions. Track your referrals, measure performance, and view earnings with ease.

Start Earning Money with Masteriyo’s Affiliate Program Today! 


How easy is it to join the Masteriyo affiliate program?  

Joining our affiliate program is easy and takes only a few minutes. Apply using our affiliate form; fill in all the required details, and we will review it promptly and get back to you.  

Do you charge any fees for joining the affiliate Program?  

Absolutely not! We do not charge any cost to become a part of our Affiliate Program. We believe in fostering a mutually beneficial partnership that allows you to promote Masteriyo and earn commissions without any sign-up fees.  

When will I receive my affiliate commission payments?   

After transactions are approved and locked, affiliate commissions will be paid out 15 days later. To receive payment for affiliate commission, you need to have a minimum threshold of $50. 

How does the affiliate get paid?  

All payments are processed through PayPal. To receive payments, you must have a valid PayPal account and ensure that your affiliate account is up-to-date with your PayPal account details.  

How can I track the sales?  

To track your sales, simply log in to your affiliate account, where you’ll have access to an affiliate dashboard. The dashboard allows you to track your conversions, commission earnings, and visits in real-time.  

I have a few more queries; where can I get help?  

For any queries related to the affiliate program, you can reach out to us via our contact page. Just make sure to select the ‘Affiliate Inquiry’ option in the form. We’ll always be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.  

Do I need to have a website or blog to join the Affiliate Program?   

Although having a website or blog can be beneficial, it is not a requirement to join our Affiliate Program. You can promote Masteriyo through various other channels such as social media, email marketing, or any other online platform you prefer.  

What if the customer I referred returns or cancels their purchase?    

Our purchase refund policy lasts for 15 days. After this duration, the conversion made through referral is considered “locked,” and then only you’ll be eligible to receive a commission for the transaction.  

If a referred customer returns or cancels the purchase within 15 days, you won’t receive a commission.  

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