Masteriyo vs. LearnPress: A Side-by-Side Comparison and Why Masteriyo is the Clear Winner 

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Trying to figure out between Masteriyo vs. LearnPress to create and sell courses online with WordPress? Want to make a suitable choice between these LMS plugins?  

If yes, in our hands-on comparison we’ll help you uncover which one might be a suitable option for your website. 

Whenever we search for the best LMS plugins, LearnPress is the one to be shown on top. But you might wonder if Masteriyo is a better alternative. Our answer is an absolute yes!  

Despite being a new plugin launched in 2022, Masteriyo is creating a buzz in the market. The reason? It’s a suitable option to create courses and video materials without much hassle. 

In this article, we’ll gain a detailed overview of Masteriyo vs. LearnPress and their feature comparison. Similarly, we’ll explain which plugin might be the right choice for your website.  

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dig in!  

What is Masteriyo? (Overview) 

Masteriyo is a revolutionary freemium WordPress LMS plugin that’s truly a master of all the alternative options available out there!  

Masteriyo LMS Plugin - Masteriyo vs. LearnPress

Using this plugin, you can easily create and sell online courses like a pro, that too anytime from anywhere. It is designed and created with utmost care to empower your eLearning journey. 

Moreover, it is built with the latest technology and powered by React JS to meet all the market trends. Its single-page interface will save you time switching between courses and lessons.  

Creating practical courses is a breeze with its easy setup wizard and course builder. You can download it from its site or plugin repository. After that, you can start an online course business in no time! 

Masteriyo’s advanced features provide its users with a distraction-free learning page, a progress bar, elements like lessons, quizzes, and more.  

Pros Cons 
Masteriyo is simple and easy to use, even for non-tech users.  The Free version might be limited, so you might need to switch to a premium version for advanced functionalities.  
It follows all the latest WordPress and security standards along with clean code.  Requires WordPress website for it to operate.  
Provides excellent customer service with detailed documentation and committed staff.   
Responsive design for all devices.   
Masteriyo is powered by React JS technology. So, this plugin provides a smooth and seamless course-building experience.   
Frequent updates and better security from the enthusiastic Masteriyo team.   
A wide range of customization possibilities for course designers.   

What is LearnPress? (Overview)  

LearnPress is a comprehensive WordPress LMS plugin designed and developed by ThimPress. Its core features are free and provide its users with free and premium extensions.  

LearnPress LMS Plugin - LearnPress vs. Masteriyo

This plugin enables plenty of customization options while being equally user-friendly. You can choose this LMS plugin to create a fully functional online course delivery platform.   

It enables its users to easily create a full curriculum layout as well as edit and maintain it. Instructors can communicate effortlessly with students using the WordPress forum.  

LearnPress LMS plugin lets you create an online course with unlimited options. Also, you can import and export courses to another website.  

Get started in just a few minutes! The plugin is super easy to set up and sell the course. It supports different payment methods like PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe, and more. 

Pros  Cons  
LearnPress has a free version.  Poor support! You might not get assistance when you need it the most.  
Offers various premium add-ons including content drip, assignment, grading, and more.  LearnPress might not be an economic choice, the cost of premium add-ons will add up.  
Provides different payment gateway integrations.  There are many negative reviews about this plugin.  
LearnPress has a drag-and-drop-builder.  It concerns breaking of website and doesn’t follow proper coding standards.  
Includes different question types for quizzes. To use all the claimed features, you need to use multiple third-party plugins. This will slow down your website.  
It is fully compatible with most WordPress themes.  Slows down your website if you use a shared hosting environment.  
Allows you to sell and monetize your course with ease.  Ads appear in the button on the courses page while using the free version. 

Top Features: Masteriyo vs. LearnPress  

Let’s dive in and look closer at the top benefits provided by Masteriyo vs. LearnPress plugins.  

Features of Using Masteriyo LMS Plugin  

There are unlimited benefits to using the Masteriyo LMS plugin. But to make it easier, we have presented the top ones that can’t be missed!  

  • Creating and managing online courses is ten times easier with its intuitive drag-and-drop course builder.  
  • Use the plugin’s inbuilt question-and-answer system to provide detailed information about course content.  
  • You can earn passive income throughout the years with its online and offline payment options.  
  • Thinking of building cutting-edge online courses. Make it possible by extending the plugin’s core features using an amazing add-on collection.  
  • The plugin seamlessly integrates with Elementor page builder, WooCommerce, and Zoom.  
  • Make your courses more fun by creating interactive quizzes. 

Features of Using LearnPress LMS Plugin 

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best benefits of using the LearnPress LMS plugin.  

Let’s get into it! 

  • This plugin lets you create an unlimited number of courses. 
  • Learners can easily issue certificates, badges, or other forms of course completion diplomas.  
  • LearnPress works perfectly with almost every theme! As of now, it has six LMS-optimized themes.  
  • Students can preview the course before enrolling.  
  • Its course builder interface works with drag and drop to decide the order of lessons and quizzes in a course. But it works as an additional layer of a classic content editor. 
  • The plugin smoothly supports text content, images, videos, documents, slideshows, and more.  

Comparison Table: Masteriyo vs. LearnPress  

Here we have presented a short comparison between Masteriyo vs. LearnPress in tabular form! 

Software Features Masteriyo  LearnPress  
Protected course content  ✅ ✅ 
Powered by React JS  ✅ ❌ 
WooCommerce integrated ✅ ✅ 
Provides multiple pricing options for premium version  ✅ ❌ 
Payment method integrations ✅ ✅ 
Certificate builder  ✅ ✅ 
Single-page application interface ✅ ✅  
Course archive filter section ✅ ❌ 
Availability of free version  ✅ ✅ 
Drag & Drop course builder  ✅ ✅ 
Integrations and Add-ons ✅ ✅ 
Learning reinforcements: quizzes and progress tracking ✅ ✅ 
Provides multiple pricing options for the premium version  ✅ ❌ 
Active professional 24/7 support  ✅ ❌ 
Multiple options for student-instructor communication  ✅ ✅ 

A. Course Builder: Masteriyo vs. LearnPress  

Having a well-functional course builder enables you to design and develop an amazing curriculum. These software tools will enable you to create and manage online courses.  

To begin with, let’s get to know which plugin’s course builder is better.  

Course Building Options of Masteriyo 

We’ve tried out Masteriyo, and building a course with this plugin was simple. It is as easy as creating a new page or post in WordPress.  

1. Add New Course  

 To add courses, navigate to Masteriyo>>Courses>>Add New.  

Masteriyo Course Content

You can add a relevant Course Name and Description to let the learners know the content of your online course. Then, add the Course Highlights and Categories accordingly.  

Click on the Add Featured Image option to add a featured image to your course. After making all the changes click on the Next button at the top right of the page.  

Add New Course

Now, you can Add New Section to your course content. To do so, enter a suitable Section Name and click on the Add button.  

Masteriyo Section Name

2. Add New Lesson  

First, you need to add Lesson Name and Description. Then you can add relevant Featured Images.  

Also, you can Add Video lessons by embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo or uploading a Self-Hosted Video. The self-hosted video can be of 60 MB size at maximum.  

Masteriyo - Add New Lesson

3. Add a New Quiz  

You’re provided with three different setting options: Info, Questions, and Settings to add a new quiz. In the Info tab, add your Quiz Name. Then click on the Add New Quiz button.  

Masteriyo - Add New Quiz

In the Questions tab, click on Add New Questions to add as many questions as you want.  

Masteriyo - Add New Question

Type down the Question Name. Similarly select your Question Type from three different options: True False, Single Choice, and Multiple Choice. You can also assign Points.  

Tick on the right option to let learners know the correct answer. When you’re done making all the changes, click on the Update button.  

Masteriyo Quiz Question

The Settings tab has two parts: General and Display. In the General section, you can set full marks, pass marks, quiz duration, and the number of attempts to answer the quiz. 

Masteriyo General Tab

Likewise, the Display section lets you display quiz questions per page as you need.  

You can choose to display Questions Per Page according to global settings or set it individually. 

Make sure to click on the Update button to save all your settings. 

Masteriyo Display Settings

Masteriyo’s course builder is detailed and systematic. It enables you to add courses, lessons, and quizzes with the best possible options.  

Course Building Options of LearnPress  

To a certain extent, LearnPress course-building options might be like Masteriyo’s option. However, there are a lot of differences too.  

Let’s get to know about it in detail! 

First, navigate to LearnPress>>Courses>>Add New from the left sidebar of your dashboard. 

LearnPress LMS Plugin - New Course

In the Add New Course page you can add the respective title and description. Also, add course categories, tags, and featured images.  

LearnPress - New Course Page

Moreover, when scrolling down to Curriculum you can add new lessons and various other sections.  

LearnPress LMS Plugin - Curriculum


In the General section, you can determine Duration in terms of weeks, days, hours, and minutes.  

The block content option lets you enable/disable the course block option when the duration expires. Or else, you can also block the course after it is finished by a student.  

Similarly, you can enable/disable the repurchase option, choose the level of difficulty, know how many students have taken the course, and more. 

LearnPress - General Settings


The Pricing settings option let you add Regular and Sale price. Similarly, you can also determine if enrolment is required or not to gain the pricing information.  

LearnPress - Pricing Settings

Extra Information  

In this section you can add Requirements, Target Audience, Key Features, and FAQs.  

LearnPress - Extra Information


In the Assessment setting option, you’ll be able to evaluate the student for a course by choosing a method. Likewise, you can set the condition to pass in percentage for any course.  

LearnPress - Assessment Settings


The author represents the instructor of your online course. Admins can set the author of the course.  

LearnPress - Author Settings

This is all you need to know about the LearnPress course builder in this Masteriyo vs. LearnPress comparison.  

Winner: In this LearnPress vs. Masteriyo comparison we’d like to conclude that Masteriyo provides better and more detailed course-building options for users. Not only that, but it is also simple to use and get through!  

B. Pricing: Masteriyo vs. LearnPress  

Pricing is a very crucial factor when selecting any premium product. Try to figure out if the amount you pay for any of these LMS plugins will be worth it or not.  

Determining the suitable pricing option will let you align your choice with your budget and anticipate plans for future costs.  

Pricing of Masteriyo  

Masteriyo provides its users with three different pricing options as mentioned below.

Masteriyo vs. LearnPress - Masteriyo Pricing
  • Free: $0 with no usage limit (Minimal features to get you started)  
  • Starter: $149 normally for one site ($49.17/year with 67% off)  
  • Growth: $299 normally for unlimited sites ($98.67/year with 67% off) 

Free options might be suitable for an absolute beginner. But as time passes by, you’ll need more features and functionalities. Only premium plans provide you with add-ons and advanced features. 

At that time, we suggest you switch to Starter or Growth plans as per your requirements.  

Pricing of LearnPress  

LearnPress provides its users with two different pricing options, which are mentioned below.

LearnPress Pricing
  • Free: $0 (Offers basic LMS features)  
  • LearnPress PRO Bundle: $299 for 1 website license (Provides access to unlimited power with premium add-ons and out-of-the-box design for your online course website) 

Winner: Masteriyo provides its users with three different options where you can use it for free, for one site, or for unlimited websites.  

The price of Masteriyo is much more reasonable. Why pay more when you can get more features and functionalities in less amount?

C. Ease of Use: Masteriyo vs. LearnPress  

There’s no use if your LMS plugin is extremely functional but has confusing or complex functionalities.  

Both beginners and professionals use the LMS plugin. So, it’s the responsibility of the developer and designer to build an LMS plugin with a user-friendly interface.  

This way users can navigate, interact and organize the online courses with ease. 

So, let’s move ahead to find out how’s Masteriyo’s and LearnPress’s ease of use!  

Ease of Use of Masteriyo 

Masteriyo LMS plugin provides its users with a straightforward and simple way to create, manage, and edit online courses. Even a non-techy user can use it easily.  

This plugin has an intuitive course builder, drag-and-drop functionality, and the ability to add multimedia elements. Also, the user management task requires minimal effort. 

To use this plugin, install it! Go to Plugins>>Add New at the left sidebar of the page.  

Masteriyo Plugin Installation

Search for the Masteriyo WordPress plugin in the search box. Once you see the plugin click on the Install Now button.  

Install Masteriyo Plugin

After installing the plugin, click on the Activate button.  

Now, you’ll be directed to the short setup wizard beginning with the Welcome page. If you wish to do the setup later, you can simply click on Skip to Dashboard button.

Masteriyo Welcome Page

You can make changes in General settings, Course Page, Single Course Page, Learn Page, Payments, Quiz, Emails, and Advanced as per your requirements.  

Masteriyo plugin is not limited to only these features, but it also enables you to create certificates. The selling process is made as smooth as butter.  

This plugin provides its users with easy user management capabilities from administrators to enroll students. You can assign different roles and permissions the way you want!  

Hence, this plugin is always easy to use as it is updated from time to time to meet all the platform’s requirements.  

Ease of Use of LearnPress  

The core version of LearnPress is a free WordPress plugin. So, you can simply log in to your dashboard and install it there.  

However, if you want to use more functionalities and services, we suggest you switch to premium plans.  

To get started navigate to Plugin>>Add New option at the left sidebar of the page.  

Plugin Installation

Then, Search for the LearnPress LMS plugin, once you see it click on the Install Now button.  

LearnPress Plugin Installation

Once you’re done installing, click on the Activate button. Now you can see a helpful onboarding wizard. Click on the Quick Setup button to get started.  

Learnpress Quick Set Up

Complete all the required setup in four different pages option: Welcome, Pages, Payment, and Finish. If you intend to do it later, you can simply click on the Back to Dashboard button.  

LearnPress - Welcome Page

Once you’re done go to LearnPress>>Settings to make more additional changes.  

Moreover, you can make changes to General, Courses, Profile, Payments, Emails, Permalinks, and Advanced settings as per your requirements.  

LearnPress Settings

Winner: Both the Masteriyo and LearnPress LMS plugins have amazing features and are extremely easy to install and use. So, the decision will entirely depend on your wants.  

However, we found Masteriyo’s setup and installation process much easier and smoother.  

D. Integration and Addons: Masteriyo vs. LearnPress  

While purchasing any WordPress LMS plugin, it’s important to check out whether it supports integration with third-party tools or not. It’s even better if it has add-ons available on the developer’s website.  

Addons enable you to customize and manage the learning programs to meet all the student’s requirements.  

In this section of this comparison LearnPress vs. Masteriyo, we’ll know what integration and add-ons option is provided by these plugins.  

Masteriyo Integration and Addons  

It’s safe to say that the Masteriyo LMS plugin provides its users with unlimited add-ons and integration options.  

This way, you can add additional features and functionalities to your eLearning platform.  

Want to request a feature? It’s possible with Masteriyo. The developer team of this LMS plugin primarily focuses on users’ needs. So, if you can’t see what you want, simply request it!  

The integration and add-ons of Masteriyo are categorized into nine different categories. Let’s get to know about them!  


Masteriyo - Addons
  • Course Builder: Create, edit, and manage all your courses from one place with our powerful drag-and-drop course builder. 
  • Masteriyo Certificate Builder: Recognize your student’s dedication and reward them for their accomplishment with beautiful certificates. 
  • Distraction Free Learning Page: Provide a distraction-free and modern learning experience with its intuitive Distraction Free Learning Page. 
  • Unlimited Courses: Build unlimited interactive online courses with Masteriyo!  
  • Unlimited Lessons & Quizzes: Design unlimited lessons and quizzes using the intuitive builder. Masteriyo offers various lesson formats & question types. 
  • Unlimited Instructors and Students: Add unlimited instructors and students and give them beautiful account pages after registration. 
  • Gradebook: Easily evaluate student performance with Masteriyo’s Gradebook. Calculate, record student grades, and share the results in simple tables. 
  • Assignments: This lets you measure your students’ understanding with the Assignments addon.  


  • In-built Order System: Innovative order system built into the Masteriyo plugin to sell courses and manage orders painlessly. 
  • WooCommerce Integration: Leverage the powerful features of the WooCommerce plugin to sell courses online. 
  • PayPal: Streamline payments for your online courses with the ultimate tool for secure transactions. 
  • Stripe: Diversify payment methods for students with the Stripe add-on to provide perfect integration for seamless transactions. 
  • Coupons: Create discount coupons in a few clicks and increase the course sale. 


Masteriyo - Engagement Addons
  • Quiz Builder: Create compelling quizzes, engage students, and revamp the way they learn online. 
  • Q&A Section: Enhance the learning and teaching experience with the Q&A feature. 
  • Review System: Gain insight into your students’ true opinions – collect course reviews and improve your teaching resources! 

The list is not limited to this, there are plenty of more add-ons. You can have a look at their add-ons page.  

Also, there are more Add-ons on the way! 

LearnPress Integration and Addons  

LearnPress integrates perfectly with unlimited different integrations and add-ons. Moreover, you can see them on the developer’s website.  

Some of the most popular integrations provided by LearnPress are mentioned below.

LearnPress - Addons
  • Upsell Add-on: Increase revenue by offering premium packages, bonus coupons, and exclusive features to elevate the learning experience. 
  • Razorpay Add-on: Razorpay account enables you to do the transaction if any other payment gateways are not available.  
  • Instamojo Add-on: The transaction can be done by the Instamojo account if other payment gateways are not available. 

You can check out more of their add-ons here!  

Winner: We think that the Masteriyo plugin provides you with add-ons that are helpful while building an online course. Also, the pricing is reasonable, and the functionalities are advanced.  

E. Support and Documentation: Masteriyo vs. LearnPress  

While creating an eLearning business or course, you’ll need assistance to create courses, manage them or use different functionalities. That’s when a plugin’s support and/or documentation is required!  

The availability of professional support will save you time and turn out to be a lifesaver. Whereas lack of support at the right time can be a pain in the head.  

Let’s check out how these plugins are in this parameter!  

Support and Documentation for Masteriyo 

Masteriyo LMS plugin provides its users with professional and dedicated support to unravel any kind of difficulties.  

If you can’t wait for a longer time, we’d suggest you connect with the team directly through live chat.  

Masteriyo provides its users with detailed documentation, video tutorials, and FAQs.  

Masteriyo Documentation

You can also join the active WordPress community support forum for instant support.  

Hence, Masteriyo provides support through: 

  • Documentation 
  • Video Tutorials 
  • FAQs 
  • WordPress Forum 
  • Live Chat 
  • Support Ticket 

Support and Documentation for LearnPress  

Customer Support is the one and only criterion where LearnPress falls flat on its face. When we go through reviews, we often see that there is a lack of proper support.  

However, LearnPress provides its users with plenty of documentation.  

LearnPress Documentation

Moreover, you can also join its private Facebook group for instant support.  

However, users are fortunate to be able to receive a user-friendly interface despite the horrible support system.  

Winner: Masteriyo LMS plugin is clearly the ultimate winner when it comes to support!  

Which LMS Plugin is Better?  

From the above Masteriyo vs. LearnPress comparison, we hope you’ve gained some ideas on the awesome functionalities of Masteriyo.  

Here we’d like to explain why Masteriyo might be the right WordPress LMS plugin for you over LearnPress! 

  • Economic: Masteriyo is suitable for those who are economic. Why spend an extra amount on LearnPress when you can gain equal or even more functionalities in Masteriyo?  
  • Your opinion matters: Yes, you heard that right! For Masteriyo developers your opinion matter. Want any features or updates? Feel free to request.  
  • User-friendly interface: Using Masteriyo’s user-friendly interface you’ll have to face almost no technical issues. This will help you gain faster resolution minimizing downtime and increasing the users’ productivity.  
  • Extensive course management: Its extensive course management will let you create, update, organize, and schedule/publish online courses with ease! 
  • Amazing, amazing support: When you’ve got an issue with anything, reach out to the support team. They’ll be ready to help you with any problem, anytime.  

Masteriyo is a newly launched LMS plugin. But in the upcoming days, we’re sure that it will get the recognition it deserves.  

It has 5 stars rating and most of the comments are positive. The users of Masteriyo are impressed with its power-packed features and functionalities.  

The developers and designers have considered every single detail and provided a powerpack solution. This plugin will for sure help you create an online course that’ll stand out!  


Both Masteriyo and LearnPress are top-tier solutions for individuals who are willing to build an eLearning platform in WordPress.  

These plugins have their own pros and cons; however, they are well suited for their own different targeted audience.  

Basically, the WordPress plugin that fulfills your requirements to the fullest, is your winner!  

However, if you want to take our suggestion, we’d suggest you go with Masteriyo. Want to know why? Its simple interface, reasonable price, and many other features are amazing. Choosing Masteriyo is clearly a win-win situation!  

If you like this article, you might also like our comparison of SaaS LMS vs. Hosted LMS.  

We hope this Masteriyo vs. LearnPress comparison helped you clear your confusion. Also, we suggest you go through the plugins review and choose a plugin that will meet your requirements.  

Masteriyo vs. LearnPress: A Side-by-Side Comparison and Why Masteriyo is the Clear Winner 

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