Masteriyo Certificate Builder

Recognize your student’s dedication and reward them for their accomplishment. Craft elegant and beautiful certificates with Masteriyo. 

Introducing Masteriyo’s Certificate Builder

Provide well-crafted certificates to your students upon successful course completion! Masteriyo’s personalized certificates act as positive reinforcement for your students, encouraging them to enroll in more courses. 

Build Certificates with Block Editor

Build Certificates with Block Editor    

Masteriyo’s certificate builder uses Gutenberg block editor, making certificate creation similar to building any other WordPress page or post.

Add a background to your certificate 

Upload your own background or choose one from the media library. 

Design a layout for the certificate 

Add the necessary blocks to the certificate and publish it.

3 Certificate Building Blocks     

There are 3 default Gutenberg blocks for the certificate builder. 

Course Title: Displays the course title

Student’s Name: Displays the student’s name

Course Completion Date: Displays course completion date 

Adding these blocks to the certificate automatically pulls the corresponding data for the course and student.

Further, each of these blocks can be customized to your need. 

3 Certificates Builder Blocks
Pre-built Certificate Template

Pre-Built Certificate Template    

Good news for those who need to hand out certificates to their students ASAP!   

Pre-designed starter templates are available with the Masteriyo certificate builder.

The templates are highly customizable to enable editing existing blocks or adding new blocks as needed. 

Once the customization is complete, simply publish it. Quick and easy!   

Design Unlimited Certificates 

The best thing about Masteriyo is that there are no limitations when it comes to certificates. 

Create unlimited certificates using the starter templates or start from scratch.  

Plethora of certificate templates to use for the various courses available on your site.

Designing Unlimited Certificates
Manage All Certificates from One Place

Manage All Certificates from One Place 

Regardless of the number of certificates you create with Masteriyo, managing them from a single place is super easy. 

Easily create and manage certificates from the Certificates tab.

Edit, duplicate, preview, or delete the certificates.

Different sections for the published, draft, and deleted certificates for your convenience. 

Auto Attach Certificate to Email 

Streamline the distribution of certificates with an automatic attachment of certificates to an email.  

Automatically include certificates with the email message. 

Seamlessly provide certificates to the students once they complete their course.

Auto Attach Certificate to Email

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? The FAQs below may help.

What kind of certificates can I create with the Masteriyo Certificate Builder?

You can create a wide variety of certificates with the Masteriyo certificate builder, including certificates for course completion, participation, professional development and training, and more.

Is the Masteriyo Certificate Builder available for free to everyone?

The Masteriyo Certificate Builder is not free and is only available to premium users as an add-on feature. This means that you have to buy a premium plan to access the certificate builder, but there are no additional fees for the add-on. 

Is it possible to purchase only the Masteriyo Certificate Builder?

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase the Masteriyo Certificate Builder separately. It’s an add-on that requires the core Masteriyo plugin. To access the Certificate Builder, you must buy a Masteriyo premium plan. 

Do I need to install the Masteriyo plugin to use its Certificate Builder?

Yes, it’s necessary to install and activate the Masteriyo Pro plugin on your website to utilize the Certificate Builder. You can find detailed instructions on how to set up the plugin and its add-ons on ours documentation page

Get started with free version first & later extend with premium packages as you need.

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