Advanced Course Builder

Create engaging courses in a flash with our intuitive and user-friendly course builder.

Introducing Masteriyo’s Powerful Course Builder 

Create engaging courses with ease using our advanced yet intuitive course builder. Our drag-and-drop features and single-page interface make it simple to manage multiple lessons, quizzes, and assignments.

Easy Course Creation 

Anyone can create, manage, and sell courses online with ease – no coding skills required! 

Create an unlimited number of courses 

Add quizzes, assignments, and lessons

Manage course content with a simple drag and drop feature

Sell your course without hassle – monetization ready!

Single Page Application Interface 

Create a complete course from a single place without page reloading – easy and fast! 

Switch between the course builder tabs, menu, and settings without page reload 

Save changes instantly 

Speed and performance optimization through caching

Manage All the Courses from One Place

Access and manage all your courses from one place – no more hassle but more efficient! 

Easily locate all your courses under Masteriyo’s Courses menu 

Filter the courses by pricing (free/paid), categories, or keywords

Quick preview, edit, or delete the course right from the Courses page 

Filter published, and draft courses for easy track keeping and management

Flexible Course Settings 

With our comprehensive range of customizable course settings, you can make the courses more insightful and engaging.

Indicate the level of your course difficulty

Specify the number of students allowed to enroll in the coursea 

Decide who sees the curriculum – everyone or enrolled students

Course pricing: free or paid

Scalable Course Builder Feature 

Enhance the potential of Masteriyo Course Builder by integrating it with the dynamic add-ons: 

The Course Attachment addon integration enables adding downloadable materials for courses. 

Add a new FAQ tab on your course page using the Course FAQ addon

Course Prerequisites addon enables requiring completion of specific courses before enrolling in a particular course 

Masteriyo’s Additional LMS Course Builder Features

Course Highlights

Option to add course highlights and display them for a quick insight into the course. 

Estimated Time

Set the estimated course duration in hours-min.

Featured Course

You can set the course as a featured course and display it on the frontend. 

Free Course Enrollment Condition

Allow unregistered enrollment or compulsory registration for your course.

Support Video

Supports YouTube, Vimeo, & self-hosted videos in course lessons. 

Featured Image/Video

Add a featured image or video on each course and make it attractive.

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Easy to use drag-and-drop course builder


Unlimited courses, lessons, quizzes, and assignments


Multi-instructor support for team teaching


Pre-built ordering system and integration with payment gateways to sell yours courses online


Dedicated customer support and regular updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our common queries regarding Masteriyo

Can I add lessons and quizzes to my course? 

Yes, you can easily add lessons and quizzes to your course using our course builder. Furthermore, you can manage them with a simple drag-and-drop feature.  

Masteriyo is perfect for teachers, trainers, experts in any field, schools, colleges, and any sort of educational institute looking to provide free or paid courses.

How many lessons or quizzes can I add to a course? 

There is no limitation in adding lessons or quizzes to a course. You can add as many as you like.

How can I manage student enrolment in my course?

From the course settings, you have the option to either limit the number of students who can enroll in the course or make it available to an unlimited number of students. You can also set whether to allow students after registration or without registration for free courses. 

Does Masteriyo support audio and video attachments in the course? 

Yes, by integrating the Masteriyo plugin with the Course Attachments addon, you can add audio, video, and other multimedia files to your course. 

Get started with free version first & later extend with premium packages as you need.

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