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Create discount coupons in a few clicks, and increase the course sale

Introducing the Masteriyo Coupons

Increase Online Courses sales with an unlimited number of coupons. Easily create custom coupons with full control of their expiration dates, number of uses, and more. Best to attract new customers.

Easy and Straightforward

Easy to manage and set all coupon codes.

Custom Branded Coupons

Create and customize coupon codes to match the promotion event.

Unlimited Coupons

Create as many coupons as you want.

Coupon Expiration

Set coupons to expire based on the number of coupon codes used and the date.

Coupon Discount Type

Assign a specific discount amount or a percentage to every coupon you create.

Prevent Coupon code exploit

Control how many times a user can claim the coupon code on different courses.

Centralize Coupon Management

Create, edit, and delete all coupon codes from a single location. Also, keep track of how many times a specific code has been used.

Get started with free version first & later extend with premium packages as you need.

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