Masteriyo LMS Elementor Integration

Unlock the power of Masteriyo and Elementor combined together – Take your LMS website design to the next level.

Introducing the Masteriyo Elementor Integration  

Equip the Elementor page builder with Masteriyo widgets, including Course List and Course Category. Simply enable the integration, and design beautiful web pages with LMS elements – without any coding. 

Add Course List and Category to Your Pages 

The Masteriyo and Elementor integration adds two LMS widgets to the site builder – Course List and Course Category. Use these widgets to add a course list or category section to any page on your site in 3 easy steps. 

Search for the Masteriyo widgets in the Elementor site builder.  

Drag and drop the widgets into the desired section.

Customize the widgets using the available settings. 

Easily Customize Masteriyo Widgets    

Customize both the Course List and Course Category widgets right from the builder with a live preview.

Select the total number of courses to be displayed on a page.  

Provide course description with briefing. 

Include subcategories inside a parent course category.

Show/hide author name and avatar in the course details.

Show/hide the Wishlist icon and Ratings on the course card.

Enable Filter and Sort Features

Enable Filter and Sort Features   

Set filters on categories and instructors to display the selected courses only. Similarly, you can sort the courses based on various criteria, such as Date, Price, Rating, Title, and Courses Count.  

Include or exclude specific courses on the course list based on
the categories. 

Select the instructors whose courses you want to include or exclude from the course list. 

Sort course list and category according to the date, title, price, course count, or rating in ascending or descending order. 

Advanced Styling for Widgets

Utilize Elementor’s advanced styling and editing options for the Masteriyo widgets. 

Add motion effects to course list and category. 

Edit typography, color, padding, and more for elements, such as Card, Thumbnail, etc. 

Play with transform options like Rotate, Offset, Scale, Flip Horizontal, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our common queries regarding Masteriyo.

Do I need to install and activate Elementor separately to use this add-on?

Yes, you must install and activate the Elementor website builder first to use the Elementor Integration add-on. That’s because the add-on simply adds Masteriyo’s LMS elements to the core website builder. 

What feature does the Elementor Integration add-on add to the Masteriyo plugin?

The Elementor Integration add-on enables you to add components like course lists and categories to any page or post.  

Do I need to buy the Elementor Integration add-on separately?  

No, you don’t have to buy just the add-on separately. It’s available in all the premium Masteriyo plans: Starter, Growth, and Scale. 

Once you buy any of these plans, you automatically get access to the Elementor Integration add-on.

Get started with free version first & later extend with premium packages as you need.

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