Masteriyo In-built Order System

Innovative order system built into Masteriyo plugin to sell courses and manage orders painlessly.

Introducing Masteriyo In-built Order System

Streamline the process of selling and purchasing online courses with Masteriyo’s in-built order system. Add a checkout page, cart system, multiple payment methods, and more without the need for external plugins.

No Need for a Third-Party eCommerce System   

Sell your online courses confidently – all without having to install a third-party eCommerce plugin.

You get a ready-to-use checkout page.

Utilize the pre-built Add to Cart and Wishlist features.

Configure store location and currency options.

Multiple payment options are available for students.

Supports Diverse Payment Options

Offer multiple modes of payment to your students during course purchases. Masteriyo currently supports 3 payment methods: 

Offline Payment

PayPal Standard

Stripe Payment Gateway

Support diverse payment img

Manage your Orders from a Single Place 

Easily manage the orders you receive with Masteriyo, regardless of the scale of your online school.  

Create, edit, and trash orders from the Orders tab.

Sort through countless orders without trouble.

Orders are categorized into multiple tabs: completed orders, pending orders, canceled orders, etc.

Extendable Order Features  

Need more than the core features? Don’t worry, the Masteriyo in-built order system is easily expandable.

Try Masteriyo’s dynamic add-ons to add more features to the system:

Stripe Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Integration


Try the Ultimate WordPress LMS!


Easy to use drag-and-drop course builder


Unlimited courses, lessons, quizzes, and assignments


Multi-instructor support for team teaching


Pre-built ordering system and integration with payment gateways to sell yours courses online


Dedicated customer support and regular updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? The FAQs below may help.

What payment gateways does Masteriyo’s in-built order system support?

Masteriyo offers PayPal and Stripe payment gateways as of now. We’re working to add more secure gateways to the list for your convenience.

Is the Masteriyo order system free for everyone? 

Yes, the core order system is completely free, including the offline payment and PayPal payment options.

With that said, a paid plan helps you add more advanced functionalities to the order system. You can easily extend the system with our premium add-ons like Stripe Payment Gateway, Coupons, and WooCommerce integration.

Can I create and manage orders for multiple courses in Masteriyo? 

Yes, you can easily create and manage orders for multiple courses from a single place. The “Orders” section lets you create, edit, and delete multiple orders for various courses.

Can I track the status of my orders?

Yes, you can track the status of your orders within Masteriyo’s in-built order system without hassle. Open the “Orders” section in your admin dashboard and view the relevant order to see its status.

Can I edit or cancel an order in Masteriyo?

Yes, you can edit or cancel an order as long as the order has not yet been processed. You can make any changes required to the desired order from the “Orders” section in your admin dashboard.

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