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Streamline payments for your online courses with Masteriyo’s built-in support for PayPal – the ultimate tool for secure transactions.

Seamless Payments with PayPal Standard

Get the best out of the built-in PayPal integration in Masteriyo. Accept secure payments from students before enrolling them into a premium course – all without any extra plugins or extensions.

Easily Enable PayPal Payment

You can simply enable PayPal payment from Masteriyo Settings.

Masteriyo PayPal Integration

Connect your PayPal account to Masteriyo by providing your email, identity token, etc.

Test the Connection

You can test whether the connection is successful using Masteriyo’s Sandbox feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Masteriyo’s PayPal integration free?

Yes, the PayPal integration in Masteriyo is completely free. However, you still need to pay the transaction fees to PayPal. 

Is PayPal secure for online transactions?

Yes, PayPal is a trusted platform for secure online transactions. Its security features, such as encryption and purchase protection, ensure that both you and your students can conduct safe transactions. 

Can I offer other payment methods in addition to PayPal on Masteriyo?

Yes, Masteriyo also supports the Stripe payment gateway, allowing you to offer more flexibility to students when enrolling in your courses.

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