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01 – Speed

Easy & Fast

Masteriyo is made keeping ease & speed in mind, both in backend & frontend. Instructors can create courses in few minutes. Students also get easy & fast learning experience while taking courses.

Setup Wizard

Helps you integrate Masteriyo with your WordPress site. Creates required pages. Gets you up & running in just under a minute.

Easy Course Builder

Do more in less time with our drag & drop course builder. See all lessons in one place & rearrange them as needed.

Distraction Free Mode

Learning page for students is made distraction free and just shows what is needed to keep students engaged.

Single Page Application

Create course in one place without switching between pages or reloading the page. Masteriyo is powered by React JS.

02 – Powerful

Intuitive & Advanced

Masteriyo is made with lots of love & care. Masteriyo is clutter free & easy to learn on how it works. It provides powerful tools so that it’s easy for you to just focus on creating, managing and selling courses.

Structured Content

Create structured courses with segments like sections, lessons, quizzes & assignments. Easy for both instructors and students.

Quiz Builder

Easily make interactive quizzes with different questions types. Set points, quiz duration and many other options.

Certificate Builder

Make your courses more interesting. Award attractive certificate to students once they complete the course successfully.

03 – Payments

Selling Made Easy

You can sell any type of courses with Masteriyo. As for any online courses site, selling is very important so we have put lots of smart work to make the selling process seamless for buyers.

Inbuilt Order System

Masteriyo has its own ordering system that make it super easy to sell courses without having to rely on extra plugins.

Payment Gateways

Comes with inbuilt support for major payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe and more.


Masteriyo offers integration with popular ecommerce plugin WooCommerce. Have access to 300+ gateways if needed.

Customizable and Extendible

Every course selling site has a different need. With that in mind, Masteriyo offers many addons to meet the small and big needs of every site owner.

Advanced Content Drip

Schedule and release course content over a predefined period of time to build anticipation and keep students engaged.

Offer Download Material

Provide students with downloadable resources for each lesson. You can also attach course materials to an entire course.

Add Course FAQs

Add FAQs to any online course of your choice to help students easily find the answers to their queries regarding the course.

Secure Registration and Login Pages

Prevent spam registrations and hacking attempts with Google reCAPTCHA and the Password Strength Checker, respectively.

Coupons for Premium Courses

Encourage students to enroll in premium courses using coupon codes. Offer fixed or percent discounts, limit code usage, etc.

Elementor Integration for Smart Page Building

Integrate Masteriyo with the Elementor page builder and design beautiful pages, such as course pages, for your site.

Productive Course Assignments

Let instructors give helpful course assignments to students and evaluate them based on the submitted assignments.

More Reasons to Choose Masteriyo

Responsive Design
Responsive Design

Masteriyo is mobile-friendly. All pages adapt automatically when viewed on iPhones, iPads, and other small hand-held devices.

Masteriyo is Securely Coded
Securely Coded

Masteriyo utilizes clean and secure code, following the highest WordPress and security standards. 

Masteriyo Provides Regular Updates
Regular Updates

Receive regular updates for improved website security and performance from the passionate team at Masteriyo. 

Maximum performance plugin
Maximum Performance

Supercharge your website with Masteriyo’s use of React JS. Every line of code is optimized for lightning-fast performance! 

Translation Ready Plugin
Translation Ready

Masteriyo speaks your language! Translate it into your native tongue with confidence and serve your local audience. 

Use Masteriyo with Any Theme or Plugin
Use with Any Theme or Plugin

Our LMS plugin is a standard plugin, so it smoothly works with any theme or plugin that is made following WordPress standards. 

Love from Our Users

Read reviews and testimonials from happy customers.  

Great plugin and excellent support

Flexible and well-designed plugin. The Masteriyo team is really helpful when contacted and the support is great.


Masteriyo will disrupt the course builder and plugin marketplace

Masteriyo will set the standard for not only how course builders should be built, but plugins in general. The ease, simplicity, beauty and speed of this plugin is unmatched. 


Great plugin for course creation!

Masteriyo brings back joy in building courses. Unlike other traditional LMS platforms, it has a simple and intuitive UI that makes it impossible not create something in minutes.


Starter Templates

Over 100+ 5 star reviews on & Trustpilot  


Create contemporary eLearning websites for online academies, instructors, and more.


The perfect template for designing a complete site for individual instructors and tutors


The best template for global online academies spanning multiple categories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Masteriyo? Our FAQs can help. For further support, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

What is an LMS?

LMS (Learning Management System) is a software that helps people teach and learn online. It helps manage courses, track progress, and report results for educational programs, trainings, and courses.

What is Masteriyo?

Masteriyo is the most user-friendly LMS plugin for WordPress. It provides all the features and functionalities needed to create and sell courses online. 

Who should use Masteriyo WordPress plugin? 

Anyone from individual instructors to well-established institutions who want to create and sell educational training courses online should use Masteriyo. It’s an effective way to share knowledge and generate good revenue. 

How to use the Masteriyo plugin? 

The installation process of Masteriyo is very simple. Just install and activate the plugin in your dashboard, run the setup wizard, and start creating your courses. For an elaborate guide, follow the link on how to set up the Masteriyo LMS WordPress plugin.

Can I create a new course myself on Masteriyo?

Masteriyo is a beginner-friendly WordPress plugin. Hence anyone can easily create courses by following the simple guide to complete course creation masteriyo

How many courses can I create using Masteriyo?

You can create unlimited courses using the Masteriyo LMS plugin. 

Get started with free version first & later extend with premium packages as you need.

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Revolutionize eLearning with Masteriyo

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