Features & Add-ons

Meet Masteriyo’s powerful features & addons fine-tuned for modern eLearning websites! Extend the plugin’s core features with addons & build cutting-edge online courses.

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  • Course Builder

    Create, edit, and manage all your courses from one place with our powerful drag-and-drop course builder.

  • Masteriyo Certificate Builder

    Build and include attractive certificates for each course to reward students for completing the course.

  • Distraction Free Learning Page

    Give students a distraction free learning experience with our optimized Learning Page and keep them engaged.

Unlimited Courses

Build interactive online courses with Masteriyo! The best part? There’s no limit to how many courses you can create.

Unlimited Lessons & Quizzes

Design unlimited lessons and quizzes using the intuitive builder. Masteriyo offers various lesson formats & question types.

Unlimited Instructors & Students

Add unlimited instructors and students to your school. And give them beautiful account pages after registration.

  • Masteriyo Gradebook Addon


    Create a grading system for evaluating quiz/assignment results. Instructors can mark and manage student grades.

  • Masteriyo Assignments


    Want a productive learning experience for your students? Let instructors add course assignments and evaluate them.

Intuitive Setup Wizard

Intuitive Setup Wizard

Streamline the process of setting up Masteriyo LMS on your WordPress website with its easy setup wizard.  


  • In-built Order System

    Utilize Masteriyo’s in-built order system and start selling courses online. Yes, without extra eCommerce plugins.

  • WooCommerce Integration

    Integrate Masteriyo with the popular WooCommerce plugin, and get access to its 300+ payment gateways.

  • PayPal

    Want quick and secure payments for courses? Masteriyo has inbuilt support for the PayPal payment gateway.

  • Stripe

    If you want a PayPal alternative, Masteriyo also offers integration with the popular Stripe payment gateway.

  • Coupons

    Create coupon codes for premium courses. Offer fixed or percent discounts to students, limit coupon usage, and more.

  • Masteriyo Wishlist Addon


    Let students add courses to their Wishlist for enrolling in them later when they are ready to commit.


  • Quiz Builder

    Engage your students with interactive quizzes. Use different question types, set answer points, etc. for each quiz.

  • Q&A Section

    Provide Q&A sections for lessons, quizzes, and assignments. Students can ask questions here & receive answers quickly.

  • Review System

    The Masteriyo Reviews feature lets logged-in users give text reviews and star ratings to individual courses.

  • Masteriyo Content Drip

    Make your courses more interesting! Set time-based and action-based conditions to drip-feed course materials to students.

  • Masteriyo Course Prerequisites

    Course Prerequisites

    Student must successfully finish the prerequisite courses before they can enroll for a specific course.

  • Masteriyo Course Attachments Addon

    Course Attachments

    Add study materials as attachments to your courses, enabling students to download and study them at their convenient time.

  • Download Material

    Download Materials 

    Add unlimited lesson materials in different formats like PDF, Zip, MS Word, etc. Allow your students to access and preview download materials with ease.

  • Social Share

    Social Share

    Add social sharing functionality to your single course page with social share addon of Masteriyo.

Dynamic Course Progressive Bar

Dynamic Course Progressive Bar

Enable students to locate the exact step they are at while progressing through the course curriculum. 

Vertical Course Navigation Section

Vertical Course Navigation Section

Allow students to seamlessly navigate through the course curriculum’s sections, lessons, and quizzes.

External URL Video Support

External URL Video Support

Incorporate video links from external sources like Google Drive, OneDrive, and so on. 

Add Course FAQs

Course FAQs

Integrate a new FAQ tab to your course pages to add frequently asked questions relevant to your courses.  


  • Password Strength Checker

    The Password Strength Checker ensures that the students and instructors register with a strong password.

  • Masteriyo Google reCAPTCHA Addon

    Google reCAPTCHA

    Protect your forms from spam and abuse by ensuring only real users can sign up and register their accounts.


  • Masteriyo Course Archive Filter

    Course Archive Filter

    Let students filter courses on the Course Archive page based on categories, difficulty, price, rating, and price type.

Fully Responsive Design

Regardless of the device students will use to browse your site, rest assured that your eLearning site will look pixel-perfect. 

Page Builder

  • Elementor Integration

    Equip your Elementor editor with Masteriyo widgets. Add components like course lists & categories to any page/post.

  • block_editor_ready_addons

    WordPress Block Editor Ready 

    Use the WordPress block editor to easily build attractive course pages and certificates with Masteriyo.

Compatible Themes

Masteriyo LMS is compatible with all the themes developed following the WordPress coding standards. However, it seamlessly works with the following themes. 

  • eLearning LMS Theme

    Design a professional and engaging online course platform with ease and simplicity.



Take your LMS website to the next level using this popular multipurpose theme.  

Twenty Twenty One

TwentyTwenty One

Create impactful eLearning sites with default WordPress themes like Twenty Twenty One.  

Compatible SEO Plugins

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Optimize your content for keywords and improve your SEO performance with Yoast SEO for a higher ranking of your eLearning site.

Rank Math

Rank Math

Boost your LMS website’s ranking by optimizing your course content for SEO with Rank Math.

Compatible Cache Plugins

Masteriyo LMS fully supports different cache plugins. Best of all, it enables you to prevent caching selected Masteriyo pages.



Improve your overall site’s performance with LiteSpeed’s exclusive caching features.



Make your eLearning site faster and optimized for outstanding performance with Hummingbird.


  • Zoom Integration

    Easily schedule and manage Zoom meetings to create virtual classrooms directly from the Masteriyo platform.


  • White Label

    Personalize your e-learning platform’s branding with Masteriyo, moving beyond the default design.

  • Masteriyo GDPR Compliance

    GDPR Compliance

    Create a GDPR compliance addon following data protection guidelines, allowing users to link privacy policies to consent messages.

  • Masteriyo Multiple Instructors Addon

    Multiple Instructors

    Use the Multiple Instructors addon to let more than one teacher work together on a course.

  • Dashboard Analytics

    Dashboard Analytics

    Get valuable insight on important data and stats relevant to your courses from Masteriyo’s Dashboard Analytics.

  • Course Preview

    Allow students to have a sneak peek at lessons prior to enrolling in a course.

Manual Enrollment

Manual Enrollment

Empower admin/instructors to enroll students in the course manually. It eliminates the need for students to go through the checkout process.  



Enables you to send data to the external URL, triggered by the specific action occurring on the Masteriyo components.  

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