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Over 60+ 5 star reviews on WordPress.org & Trustpilot

Excellent LMS Plugin with Great Features

This free LMS comes with all the features needed with an option to scale with useful add-ons too. The support has been superb for the 1-2 issues I encountered when setting up, but this has been the best LMS I’ve used so far.  


Excellent LMS Plugin

Masteriyo is an easy-to-use plugin for setting up lessons and quizzes. If an issue comes up, the support team will work on it and fix it. I recommend Masteriyo for those who want a system that has enough features but is also cost effective.


Decent Plugin

A very decent plugin and a very good support team. They reply quickly and try to find solutions to every problem you face.


Effective LMS

Great commercial plugin. It does LMS in a simple way. GUI and functions are fantastic. Also, their Support is fast


User Friendly

Before Masteriyo, I tried some other LMS apps/plugins. But I was confused to manage them. With Masteriyo, I’m more than happy as it’ is easy to manage the courses and users. I plan to upgrade to the pro version in the near future. 


The Best LMS and Course plugin I Have Found

I have worked with A LOT of different systems, plugins, and tools for my clients. When a friend tipped me about Masteriyo, I was finally pleased with how well-made and snappy this setup and plugin is. It’s fast, logical in its workflow, and looks really good. 


Simple and Easy to Handle

Very simple and easy to handle. Those who are not aware can also easily use it and make changes to their web pages.


Masteriyo Will Disrupt the Course Builder and Plugin Marketplace

Masteriyo will set the standard for not only how course builders should be built, but plugins in general. The ease, simplicity, beauty, and speed of this plugin is unmatched.  


Good Plugin, Perfect Support

We have this plugin installed and paid for the ‘Growth’ version, it works very well. And when you run into problems, the support is very quick and efficient in addressing the problems and finding the solution.


Great Plugin!

This plugin is easy to use, and the support is very fast and helpful. 


Awesome Plugin Great Support

I tried all the “top” LMS plugins with limited success. Masteriyo trumps all of them – and the price is really good compared to the others. I had 2 styling conflicts with DIVI theme, but the guys at Masteriyo gave a working solution in just a few hours. FANTASTIC support. 


The Most Useful LMS in 2023

I am extremely satisfied with the Masteriyo plugin for its Pro features: content dripping and prerequisite, which have allowed me to create professional online courses. 


The Greatest LMS and Greatest Support!

I tried so many WordPress LMSs and there was always something wrong or not working like I wanted it to. Masteriyo is amazing, the support team is great, and managed to deal with a problem I had with my hosting provider very efficiently and professionally. 


Easy to Use; Wonderful Support

We use the Pro version in our website (built and run just for the fun of it) and we are thoroughly satisfied with it; yet the free version will also meet the needs of anyone who wants to set up a fully functional, not-too-complicated educational website. 


Pro Features for a Free Plugin

Almost all features one might expect to find in a Learning Management plugin are provided for free, together with an excellent theme – also free. Developers of this plugin deserve to be congratulated and fully supported. 

@Anonymous User 14012828

Great LMS and Support

A great plugin that is exactly what I needed. They also provide great online support when I’m having trouble.


Great LMS

Having tried a number of other options, I finally settled on Masteriyo. Having gone through the process of setting up courses and getting the look and feel I want; I can say that it’s a very good plugin.


Excellent Technical Support

A huge thanks to the Masteriyo team for their help and support on technical queries!



We’ve tried many plugins including non-WordPress platforms. Many of them proved to be nightmares. Masteriyo is in a class by itself. Don’t be confused by its simplicity, elegance and beauty. Underneath the hood, is a beautiful powerhouse. Support is friendly and excellent too. 


Thank You for Making it!

At the beginning I had a few problems, but all of them were solved with the help of the kind costumer service. For me, with a small web shop and with my first online course, it’s awesome. Easy to handle, and if I have any questions, they respond to me quickly. I recommend it to everyone who needs a great LMS with great support! 


Excellent LMS, Superb Support

Excellent and easy to use WordPress LMS and also very helpful and quick support team. Highly recommended..


Great Interface and Support

Big fan of the interface, one of the best I’ve tried out. And their support contact was very helpful! 


Top Recommendation for Simple LMS Sites

This plugin is crazy simple to get started and is much faster than any other LMS that I’ve tested in the past weeks. Faster in terms of course creation and front-end for students. 

@Philipp Stracker

Very Good Plugin and Fast Support Response

I had a few small problems and the Masteriyo Team helped me in a couple of hours. Excellent Support. Good LMS Plugin.


Really Great Plugin and Excellent Service

I recently discovered Masteriyo’s LMS plugin. It’s so easy to set up and run to build courses, even for free. The support was friendly and responded quickly. They were very helpful and constantly kept in contact, answering all my questions patiently. 



I spent a lot of time figuring out which LMS to use and finally fell upon Masteriyo. I purchased it after trying the free version. I’m pleased with it so far. Their customer service is very quick at replying and helpful. The programmers are also amazing, accepting suggestions for improvements and implementing them in updated versions. 


Great Plugin and Excellent Support

Flexible and well-designed plugin. The Masteriyo team is really helpful when contacted and the support is great. 


Masteriyo: Full Points for Their Approach

LMS from Masteriyo is a fair plugin that does not burden the website and allows you to solve courses without unnecessary features. Their customer support is exemplary. I predict a great future for them. 


Working Well – Five Stars

Working well so far, very easy to use for quizzing and video lessons. Support is excellent. 


Get started with free version first & later extend with premium packages as you need.

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