Unlock the true potential of Masteriyo LMS with these popular integrations.

  • WooCommerce Integration

    Integrate Masteriyo with the popular WooCommerce plugin, and get access to its 300+ payment gateways.

  • PayPal

    Want quick and secure payments for courses? Masteriyo has inbuilt support for the PayPal payment gateway.

  • Elementor Integration

    Equip your Elementor editor with Masteriyo widgets. Add components like course lists & categories to any page/post.

  • Masteriyo Google reCAPTCHA Addon

    Google reCAPTCHA

    Protect your forms from spam and abuse by ensuring only real users can sign up and register their accounts.

  • Zoom Integration

    Easily schedule and manage Zoom meetings to create virtual classrooms directly from the Masteriyo platform.

  • EDD Integration

    EDD Integration

    Allow users to enroll in the courses using the EDD checkout process and payment method.

  • GamiPress Integration

    GamiPress Integration

    Gamify the learning experience of your students with GamiPress integration.

  • Open AI ChatGPT Integration

    Open AI ChatGPT Integration

    Streamlines personalized course development using openAI chatGPT content. Enhances efficiency, adaptability, and excellence in Masteriyo’s course creation.

  • Divi Builder Integration

    Divi Builder Integration

    Equip your Divi builder with Masteriyo widgets. Allows you to display courses and categories on various pages/posts. 

  • Paid Membership Pro Integration

    Paid Memberships Pro Integration

    Offer different membership levels with varying LMS content access and pricing tiers with Paid Membership Pro integration.

  • Oxygen Builder Integration

    Oxygen Builder Integration

    Customize your eLearning website’s content with Oxygen builder.

  • Razorpay Integration

    Razorpay Integration

    Integrate Razorpay with Masteriyo for transaction with your Indian customers.

  • Google Classroom Integration

    Google Classroom Integration 

    Merge Google Classroom with Masteriyo LMS. Import courses, manage students, and sync classroom data effortlessly.

  • Brick Builder Integration

    Bricks Builder Integration

    Combine Bricks Builder’s visual site editor with Masteriyo to create custom course cards and categories pages.

  • Lemon Squeezy Integration

    Lemon Squeezy Integration

    Streamline your course Sales with Lemon Squeezy checkout integration.

  • Beaver Builder Integration

    Beaver Builder Integration

    Create custom course listing and course archive with Masteriyo and Beaver Builder.

  • Integration in Masteriyo Integration

    Use videos hosted on for video lessons on your eLearning website.

  • Google Meet Integration on Masteriyo LMS

    Google Meet Integration

    Host live sessions from within your LMS website without the need for third-party plugin.

  • Masteriyo Zapier Integration

    Zapier Integration

    Automate your eLearning website by connecting it to hundreds of apps using Zapier for automation.

User Registration Integration

User Registration Integration 

Integrate User Registration with Masteriyo to create powerful and highly customizable registration forms for students and instructors.  

Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp Integration 

Add your users from the registration page to your Mailchimp account to enhance your email marketing strategy. 

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro Integration 

Restrict and manage access to your course content by users’ membership level, access level, and assigned roles. 



Enables you to send data to the external URL, triggered by the specific action occurring on the Masteriyo components.  

SCORM Complaint

Easily import SCROM courses into your LMS, enabling interactive learning experience and advanced learner tracking

  • eLearning LMS Theme

    Design a professional and engaging online course platform with ease and simplicity.



Take your LMS website to the next level using this popular multipurpose theme.  

Twenty Twenty One

TwentyTwenty One

Create impactful eLearning sites with default WordPress themes like Twenty Twenty One.  

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Optimize your content for keywords and improve your SEO performance with Yoast SEO for a higher ranking of your eLearning site.

Rank Math

Rank Math

Boost your LMS website’s ranking by optimizing your course content for SEO with Rank Math.



Improve your overall site’s performance with LiteSpeed’s exclusive caching features.



Make your eLearning site faster and optimized for outstanding performance with Hummingbird.

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