Masteriyo Content Drip

Drip feeding course content: The best way to keep students engaged.

Introducing Masteriyo’s Content Drip Feature

Effortlessly schedule and drip-feed lessons to maintain students’ interest and engagement over time. Keep your students committed to your eLearning site.  

4 Powerful Content Flow Types

4 Powerful Content Flow Types    

Masteriyo Content Drip offers four powerful content flow types to help you control when a lesson/quiz is available.  



Date Selection

X Days from Enrollment


Allow students to enroll in any course and start any lesson/quiz randomly.

Students can skip lessons and jump to the last lesson without any restrictions.

Free Content Flow Type
Sequential Content Flow Type


Let students move forward to the next lesson only when they complete the current lesson.

The upcoming lessons and quizzes are all locked.

Once the student completes a lesson, the next lesson will be unlocked sequentially.

Date Selection

Release particular lessons/quizzes on a specified date.

When you set the drip date for a lesson, it’ll be available from that date onwards only.

Date Selection
X Days From Enrollment

X Days from Enrollment 

Release lessons/quizzes after a certain number of days of enrollment.

In the case of free courses, the day a student starts the course is considered the enrollment day.

For instance, if you set the drip days as 7 for a lesson or quiz, the content will be unlocked 7 days after the enrollment day. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our common queries regarding Masteriyo

Is Masteriyo Content Drip available for free? 

Unfortunately, Masteriyo Content Drip isn’t available for free. This feature is only available to premium users. 

Can I purchase the Masteriyo Content Drip separately?

Masteriyo Content Drip is an add-on feature of Masteriyo. So, it requires the Masteriyo core plugin to function. Thus, you must purchase the premium Masteriyo plugin to use this feature.  

How many types of content flow types are available with Masteriyo’s Content Drip?

There are four different content flow types available with Masteriyo’s Content Drip. They are:

  • Free
  • Sequential
  • Date Selection
  • X Days from Enrollment

Get started with free version first & later extend with premium packages as you need.

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