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Welcome to Masteriyo, your ultimate tool for creating standout online courses on WordPress.

This user-friendly plugin lets you build and manage courses with ease. You can track student progress, make money from your content, and encourage lively student-teacher interactions.

Masteriyo is the key to turning your WordPress site into a thriving online learning hub. It’s your all-in-one solution for every Learning Management System (LMS) requirement. Join us and experience the revolution in online education!

How Was Masteriyo Born?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about a lot of changes, including how educational institutions worked.

With everyone shifting to online interactions, we saw a growing demand for online learning management tools. Schools, colleges, and individual instructors were looking for LMS platforms that would help them create online learning systems for their students.

WordPress, popular for website making, was an outstanding option for building eLearning sites with the help of LMS plugins. And there was an already established premium LMS plugin at the time.

However, you could only find a handful of free alternatives for users who wanted a budget-friendly solution to their LMS needs.

That’s when we got to see a rise in free LMS plugins that addressed this need in the WordPress community.

You could say Masteriyo was a part of this same wave. But our aim was a little bigger – to fill the void that was less talked about, the plugin interface.

Most WordPress LMS plugins use the default WordPress post and page system for you to create courses. That means for each lesson, an instructor must create a new post, save the post, go back to organize all the lessons into one course, and so on.

It’s as tedious as it sounds.

With Masteriyo, we introduced a revolutionary ReactJS based LMS system that works on the principle of SPA [Single Page Application]. So, all the tasks related to creating a course can be completed from a single interface.

An instructor can create a new course and add lessons or quizzes to it from the same interface. No going back and forth, no reload.

This meant users could create and manage courses easily, quickly, and more efficiently without any hassle.

That’s how this amazing WordPress journey started for Masteriyo. And we’ve been moving steadily on an upward path since then.

We are constantly improving because we have so much more to offer to the WordPress community. I hope you support us along this long journey.

Our Mission & Vision

We aim to revolutionize learning with our innovative, simple, and efficient online tool, making education accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

And it reflects how we’ve designed Masteriyo to be the best possible tool.

Provide user-friendly, fast, efficient, and complete online course creation tool for everyone.

To make quality online teaching tools affordable and within reach for everyone.

To implement Single Page Application (SPA) approach, enhancing simplicity and efficiency in online course building.

Built by

ThemeGrill is a trusted WordPress company that offers powerful free and premium themes and plugins.

The beautiful theme templates and powerful plugins are built with flexibility and ease of use in mind. So, they’re ideal for designing and enhancing modern WordPress websites of any niche effortlessly.

ThemeGrill had a humble start back in 2014 with co-founders, Sanjip Shah and Rabin Shrestha, two young entrepreneurs from Nepal. Today, it has established itself as one of the top WordPress theme and plugin development companies.

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Company Culture

Our company thrives on positivity and teamwork, aiming for high productivity and happy lives for everyone. We achieve this by:

Encouraging clear team communication.

Promoting cooperation among staff. 

Supporting fun activities outside of work. 

Celebrating all wins, big or small.

Our aim is to create a happy, productive workplace that keeps our team satisfied in the long term.

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Revolutionize eLearning with Masteriyo

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