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Give your students a distraction-free and modern learning experience with our intuitive Distraction Free Learning Page. 

Introducing Masteriyo’s Intuitive Distraction Free Learning page Coupons

An optimized learning page to ensure that your learners are saved from unnecessary visual obstructions and are engaged more in the course.  

Continuous Learning Page Without Distraction

Remove the header/footer to create an immersive learning experience for your students.

Collapse the sidebar to eliminate distractions with a simple click.

Supports Your Site’s Theme and Plugins

Distraction Free Learning Page only applies to your lessons. The rest of your pages/posts will use your chosen site theme. 

Compatible with any WordPress theme and plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Distraction Free Learning Page?

A Distraction Free Learning Page is a specialized page within an LMS that provides a distraction-free environment for learners to access their course materials. This page eliminates any unnecessary elements such as menus, ads, and other widgets, allowing learners to focus on the learning content and improve their engagement and retention. 

How does the Distraction Free Learning Page work? 

The Distraction Free Learning Page works by removing all unnecessary elements from the page, such as menus, ads, and other widgets. This creates a clutter-free environment for learners to focus on their coursework.

Can I use Distraction Free Learning Page without using Masteriyo? 

 No, you’ll need to install and activate the the Masteriyo LMS plugin first to use Distraction Free Learning Page. 

Do I need to have coding skills to Use Distraction Free Learning Page of Masteriyo? 

No, you don’t need coding skills to utilize the Distraction Free Learning Page. That’s why it’s so beginner-friendly; you can get started with Masteriyo with zero coding knowledge.

Does this feature work with any theme? 

Yes, the Distraction Free Learning Page is designed to work with any themes that have been coded following WordPress guidelines. 

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