Masteriyo WooCommerce Integration

Leverage the powerful features of the WooCommerce plugin to sell courses online.

Seamless Integration with WooCommerce 

Upgrade how you sell courses by incorporating the WooCommerce checkout, payment gateways, and analytics page into your LMS website. 

Enroll Students Using WooCommerce Checkout

Enroll Students Using WooCommerce Checkout

Provide a streamlined checkout for students and help them enroll into your premium courses effortlessly. 

Create a new product in WooCommerce.

Associate the product with a course of your choice. 

Students can add this course to their cart and proceed to checkout.  

Get Access to WooCommerce Payment Gateways    

Incorporate all WooCommerce payment gateways into your school and give your students a diverse range of payment options.   

Amazon Pay




Affirm Payments 


Coinbase Commerce

Razorpay, etc.

Access to WooCommerce Payment Gateways
Utilize WooCommerce Analytics

Utilize WooCommerce Analytics    

Get the best out of the WooCommerce integration with the separate analytics dashboard. Analyze your Masteriyo orders and plan accordingly on the future direction for your online school. 

Overview of your overall performance such as total sales, orders, products sold, and so on.

Graphical representation of statistics using bar and line charts.

Get leaderboards for top customers, coupons, categories, and products. 

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Easy to use drag-and-drop course builder


Unlimited courses, lessons, quizzes, and assignments


Multi-instructor support for team teaching


Pre-built ordering system and integration with payment gateways to sell yours courses online


Dedicated customer support and regular updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our common queries regarding Masteriyo

Do I need the core WooCommerce plugin to use the WooCommerce Integration add-on? 

Yes, you need the core WooCommerce plugin installed on your site to use this extension. The add-on simply connects your online school with WooCommerce’s eCommerce system. 

Do I have to buy the WooCommerce Integration add-on separately? 

No, you don’t have to buy the add-on separately. It’s available in all 3 premium Masteriyo plans. So, you just need to buy one of these plans to get access to WooCommerce Integration. 

What happens if there is an issue with a transaction processed through the WooCommerce Integration? 

For such transaction issues, please contact Masteriyo customer support for assistance. They’ll help you resolve any issues related to payment processing. 

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