10 Ways to Increase Student Engagement with Masteriyo LMS Plugin 

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Are you an instructor, or a teacher looking for ways to increase student engagement in learning? Want to multiply your efficiency? Masteriyo LMS plugin can help!

In this article, we will list the best ways to increase student engagement using this plugin.  

Creating an online course using the LMS plugin is a suitable option. You might wonder why? It contributes to increasing students’ enrolment and that too for good reasons!  

As of April 2020, 98% of higher education institutions have moved online. But a lot of LMS plugin fails to provide an effective learning environment that leads to the worst outcome.  

But with the Masteriyo LMS plugin, increasing student engagement is as smooth as butter! Want to know how? 

Let’s dive into the article! 

Introduction Masteriyo (Best WordPress LMS Plugin)  

Before we get into the top 10 ways to increase student engagement with the Masteriyo LMS plugin, let’s know about the plugin itself! 

Masteriyo is a revolutionary powerful LMS plugin that is made to keep ease and speed in mind. It is a perfect plugin to start an online course business and increase student engagement. 

Masteriyo WordPress LMS Plugin

It is an all-in-one solution for every LMS requirement and has both free and premium versions. 

This plugin provides a distraction-free learning page, progress bar, and quizzes which keeps students engaged in their learning. 

Use any of its advanced add-ons to enhance the features and engagement the way you want! 

The learning page for students is made distraction free that shows only necessary course materials to keep students engaged.  

You can build attractive certificates for each course to reward students when they complete their course. This motivates students to complete their online courses.  

We suggest you choose this LMS plugin for your business if student engagement is one of your top priorities!  

What are the Benefits of Increasing Student Engagement? 

There are numerous benefits of increasing student engagement. It ranges from improving learning outcomes to staying motivated and much more.  

Proper engagement of students helps them connect with the course and understand things better. So, let’s get into some of the top benefits of increasing student engagement:  

  • Engaged students are more likely to participate in discussions, learn things better, complete assignments, and gain information.  
  • The enjoyable learning method keeps students dedicated and committed to their studies. 
  • There will be proper communication between students themselves and instructors. 
  • It’s easier to figure out which student is understanding the topic! This way Instructors can focus more on those students who don’t understand topics properly.   
  • Proper engagement fosters a sense of curiosity among the students.  
  • Willingness to participate in different group activities, collaboration work, and projects will increase tremendously.  
  • It encourages students to do individual learning as per their own learning needs and preferences.  
  • Students indulged in engaged learning are more prone to explore learning resources beyond what’s provided to them. 

How to Increase Student Engagement with Masteriyo LMS Plugin? 

Without further ado, let’s get familiar with the way to increase student engagement with Masteriyo LMS Plugin:  

1. Enable Multiple Instructors in a Course  

Engagement is only possible with limitless learning! Meanwhile, monotonous methods make an online course dull and boring.  

Multiple Instructor

To eradicate this equivalent teaching strategy Masteriyo LMS plugin enables multiple instructors for a single course.  

This way students can gain course ideas and knowledge from different instructors. Having many instructors benefits students as they can gain knowledge from not one but many perspectives.  

Students will have the authority to approve or unapprove instructors as per their wish.  

However, to enable multiple instructors in an online course you should install the premium version of the Masteriyo LMS plugin. Then you need to enable the Multiple Instructors add-on.   

Then the approved instructors can collaborate to create course content, assign assignments, and more to increase the engagement rate.  

Hence, multiple instructors facilitate the availability of instructors, flexible scheduling, stimulating discussions, increased interaction, support, etc.  

2. Add Study Materials as Attachments  

Masteriyo LMS plugin provides its users with different study materials like text resources, video lectures, quizzes, infographics, etc.  

Course Attachments - Increase Student Engagement

These days due to flexible learning, students are more prone to learn from anywhere at any time. Online learning doesn’t limit student learning just within four walls of the classroom.  

Masteriyo plugin makes learning convenient for students by uploading study materials as attachments to courses. Then they’ll be able to download and study them online.  

It is possible to upload study materials as attachments using the Course Attachments add-on.  

Course Attachment Add-on

It has options to upload 19 different types of files for students. Also, the instructors can upload an unlimited number of files.  

Due to the flexibility in the learning environment adding study materials as attachments engage students for the better! 

They’ll be able to continue their courses as and when they want. He/she doesn’t even need to be online to continue their online class.  

3. Goal-Oriented Approach  

When setting or achieving any kind of goal, inspiration, and motivation are the prime source that encourages them.  

Masteriyo LMS plugin follows a goal-oriented approach that primarily focuses on aligning learning activities with specific goals.  

To encourage and engage students you must provide them with rewards for their accomplishment. Masteriyo rightfully does it by providing beautifully crafted certificates.  

Masteriyo Certificate - Increase Student Engagement

Masteriyo Certificate Builder Add-on helps to provide students with positive reinforcement that encourages them to enroll in more courses. As a result, their engagement in eLearning will increase.  

Not only that, the Masteriyo Review System add-on helps the course instructor and creator know about students’ true opinions.  

This way the instructors can gain a handful of insight and redesign course content and attachments to create engaging content.  

Masteriyo LMS plugin enables the review feature on both the course page and the single course page.  

Hence, the goal-oriented approach focuses on improving students’ engagement by improving their willingness to do work.  

4. Different Modes for Engagement  

Masteriyo LMS plugin provides its users with all five kinds of engagement! 

  • Emotional Engagement: Masteriyo provides emotional engagement through personalized learning, interactive and visual content, etc.  
  • Social Engagement: Using discussion forums, chat rooms, feedback, notifications, and social sharing, students will be engaged in social engagement.  
  • Collaborative Engagement: This plugin provides collaborative engagement through group formation and discussion, peer review, virtual collaborative tools, assessment, and more.  
  • Behavioral Engagement: Masteriyo plugin provides behavioral engagement through various aspects like navigation options, notifications, mobile options, etc.  
  • Cognitive Engagement: The cognitive engagement provided by Masteriyo features simulations, problem-solving activities, concept mapping, collaborative learning, and more.  

5. Amazing Grading and Evaluation System 

Masteriyo provides its users with amazing grading and evaluation system.  

Students are engaged more in their studies to improve their performances and gain better results.

Evaluation systems aren’t always negative! Rather, it builds an environment for improvement. Moreover, the instructors can easily evaluate student performance with the Masteriyo Gradebook add-on.  

Masteriyo Gradebook Add-on

It calculates the individual score for each quiz/assignment within a course. There will be a fair evaluation of grades without any kind of error.  

As a result, there will be a proper evaluation that will encourage students to do better in their studies.  

6. Interactive Content and User-Friendly Interface 

Masteriyo LMS Plugin engages students for a longer period with its user-friendly interface and interactive content. Also, it provides a unique visual identity and interactive content.  

This plugin supports multimedia like interactive quizzes, videos, drag-and-drop activities, and more.  

The interactive content helps to keep learners engaged, active, and motivated for a longer period. Not only that, but you can also add informative FAQs to answer students’ questions.  

Masteriyo FAQ

A user-friendly interface provides users with a positive and productive learning experience.  

Moreover, the user-friendly interface of the Masteriyo LMS plugin facilitates:  

  • Easy and straightforward navigation options. 
  • Logical information is shown in a clear and simple way.  
  • Adaptive and responsive to devices of all screen sizes.  
  • Minimal, optimal, and distraction-free pages.  
  • Amazing search function to locate any course easily.  

Masteriyo LMS plugin provides its users with a user-friendly interface and content that is interactive.  

Students won’t have any distractions or difficulties while setting up and getting started with this plugin. It’s simple to get started with and use.  

Hence, this will eventually increase student engagement and they’ll perform better.   

7. Personalized Learning System 

Masteriyo LMS plugin facilitates a fluent learning experience based on individual preferences, needs, and abilities.  

It increases student engagement by allowing them to spend time on each subject in their own way. Students can spend more time on topics that they find challenging.  

Masteriyo plugin analyses students’ performance to identify their areas of strength and weakness. This way instructors can even guide them as per their progress and/or necessity.  

The personalized learning system lets them take ownership of the learning process, set goals, and make decisions.  

White Label add-on enables you to replace your name and visuals with your own brand and provide a more personalized look.  

Masteriyo White Label Add-on

Not only while learning, Masteriyo also provides a fully personalized user experience even while branding.  

Hence, the Masteriyo plugin improves students’ engagement by tailoring the learning experience to individuals at their own pace.  

8. Use of Mixed Media 

Reading only through texts can be monotonous and divert students’ attention. Masteriyo plugin facilitates the use of multimedia that enables interactive and engaging ways of learning.  

The multimedia of the Masteriyo plugin includes different sensory inputs, visuals, and kinesthetic elements.

Its interactive nature makes students involved and search for further learning materials. It is also proven that students learn better through audio, video, and images rather than only text.  

This way students can also choose the media format based on their own learning preferences.  

Mixed media can be used to explain things fluently that wouldn’t be possible to explain solely through texts. It enhances the creative portion of both students and instructors.  

9. Learn Using Mobile Features  

Masteriyo LMS plugin is 100% responsive. This plugin is completely adaptive to mobile devices which makes students’ engagement and learning process fluent.  

Mobile Features - Increase Student Engagement with Masteriyo LMS Plugin

A lot of other plugins are only adaptive with a desktop which limits the learning time and way. But that’s not the case with Masteriyo, you can learn anywhere, anytime with your mobile device.  

As it enables you to get started at any moment, the engagement rate will increase drastically.  

Mobile devices are well suited for microlearning. It involves delivering bite-size pieces of content that are suitable for users with limited time.  

Masteriyo plugin allows its users to download course materials. This way even if you’re offline, you simply need a mobile device to get started.  

10. Supports Social Learning  

Masteriyo LMS plugin prioritizes increasing student engagement by offering a collaborative and interactive learning environment.  

This kind of learning environment lets you share information, ask questions, and discuss the course topics. It’ll make your learning process enjoyable.  

When there is peer-to-peer learning, it strengthens the learning community and encourages them to participate and contribute.  

Masteriyo plugin’s social engagement helps to boost the discussions, user profiles, ability to share certificates, and more.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can the Masteriyo LMS plugin enhance student engagement?  

Masteriyo LMS plugin enhances student engagement by providing interactive learning activities, gamification elements, real-time feedback, social learning, etc.  

2. Does this plugin have add-ons or integrations to enhance engagement? 

Yes, the Masteriyo WordPress LMS plugin provides its users with plenty of add-ons and integration to enhance student engagement.  

3. What kind of course content does the Masteriyo LMS plugin support? 

Masteriyo LMS plugin support multimedia like text, images, videos, quizzes, assessments, and more.  

4. Is Masteriyo Plugin suitable for all age groups and educational levels? 

Yes, Masteriyo’s easy-to-use interface makes it suitable for all age groups and educational levels.  


As we mentioned in the above article, using Masteriyo LMS plugin you’ll be able to increase student engagement in the best possible ways.  

When it comes to an online class or eLearning journey, engaging learners is always given topmost priority. It’s even better if an LMS plugin will help you do so! 

Considering all the features that the Masteriyo LMS plugin provides, we do think it’ll be a suitable option for you.  

If you liked this article, you might also like our article LMS Plugins for Corporate Training.  

We hope this article helped you get familiar with some of the best ways to increase student engagement using the Masteriyo plugin.  

We’d like to wish you all the best for your educational journey!  

10 Ways to Increase Student Engagement with Masteriyo LMS Plugin 

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